2017 wrap up – with an introduction to Sammy Taing-Johns

Wow! What a year we've had at Country Girl Management. This year really has seen some huge growth for CGM. We've travelled internationally for the first time, had opportunities arise for our models with NZ Fashion Week, Lee Denim, Supré, RUSSH Magazine, Boohoo, Stolen Girlfriends Club, and Universal (just to name a few!), and have seen more girls than ever get signed with some of Australia's leading agencies. Last week, we invited the top talent […]

Why this year’s highest paid models list is a game changer

Every year, Forbes releases a top 10 highest paid model list. If you haven't already seen 2017's list then check it out here. Once you are able to get past the genuine disbelief that ANYONE can earn $22 million in a year, you'll notice that this year the list features one particular model that represents the incredible growth that the modelling industry is going through. Coming in as the 10th highest paid model in the […]

Social Media Influencers

Do you love social media? Do you want to model? Do you love the idea of making money from the content you post up on your social media? If you answered yes to any (or ALL) of the above, then let me introduce you to social media influencers. What is social media influencing? The world of social media influencing is a relatively new one. Social media influencers have a large, loyal, dedicated following. When they […]

Sizing Up Australian Clothing Sizes

What size are you? That question makes me cringe. Does it make you cringe too? As women we are constantly walking into shops expecting to be one size and finding out we are actually another. Why is this? Are we constantly getting bigger (and smaller) or are the clothes we are buying not based on a regulated industry standard? To answer these questions, I took a look into some of Australia's leading brands' sizing charts. […]

Guest Blogger JULIA on the steps to a flawless and fabulous face

This week, I would like to introduce you all to Country Girl Management's very own glamour queen Julia. For those of you that have already met Julia before at one of our model search events, I'm sure you'll agree with me that few can compare to her level of hair and make-up perfection. Previous to working with Country Girl, Julia worked as an Elizabeth Arden Makeup Artist and Skin Specialist, so it only made sense […]

Interview with September Finals runner up Kara Garraway-Charles

Our runner up at the September National Qualifying Finals was 17-year-old Kara Garraway-Charles. Representing her hometown of Hamilton, New Zealand, the Country Girl Management team were so proud to see Kara shine on the catwalk and couldn't help get an interview with her. Enjoy! 1. What is your favourite thing about modelling? My favourite thing about modelling is being able to express myself and improve my self confidence through doing something which I love. 2. […]

Interview with September Finals winner Angel Bakhach

Our winner at the September National Qualifying Finals was 14 year old Angel Bakhach. Angelic by name, nature, and appearance, we first met Angel in Melbourne in June at our Templestowe Regional Final event. Check out our interview with her below: What is your favourite thing about modelling? There are many things I like about modelling including the opportunity to build my confidence and self esteem, explore my personality and express myself in a way […]

Self Training

Did you know that one of the best ways to improve as a model is to self train? You might be surprised to find that most models are actually self trained – meaning they are able to keep up with modern trends, constantly improve, and save heaps of money on deportment classes! Although it sounds simple, self training can actually be quite difficult. The reason for this is that in order to self train effectively […]

Love Your Body Week

This week, The Butterfly Foundation is promoting #LoveYourBodyWeek, where women around Australia are encouraged to take a moment to appreciate the things that they love about their body. In the world that we live in (and especially the modelling world), we are constantly bombarded with ways to make ourselves more beautiful – whether that be through weight loss, fitness trends, clean eating, clothing, or make up. This, combined with society's ideals of beauty and the […]

All about agency meet and greets

Before you get signed with a modelling agency, you must first meet with the agent in a meet and greet interview. This can be a little bit of a daunting experience (especially if you haven't been to one before); however, it is also incredibly exciting. If you are accepted at your agency meet and greet the next step is a contract and then you're on your way to building a career in modelling! So, what should you expect […]

How to take a good photo: 5 insider tips

Taking a good photo can be really tough. For the luckiest amongst us, this skill comes naturally. However, I'm sure I am not alone when I say that taking a good photo DEFINITELY does not come naturally for me. For years, I just could not understand how it was possible to look at myself in the mirror (and be quite happy with the person looking back at me) and then 5 minutes later have a […]

Give a compliment – Change a life

Not too long ago, when the CGM team were spending time in Adelaide after an event, something happened that I believe is quite important to share. The team of us had just worked two events over the weekend and were spending Monday exploring the Barossa Valley. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful spot and our lovely waitress came over and introduced herself. After the waitress had finished explaining the menu to us, Sarah (our […]

GUEST BLOGGER Bec on facing graduation with strength and purpose

Rebecca is one of CGM's inspiring life coaches. If you've ever attended one of our events, you would have probably met her during the pose class. Her positive and passionate approach to life is infectious and she has changed numerous lives on the CGM international tour. This week we asked Bec to share an insight into one of life's most challenging times: leaving school. Enjoy! Bec (left) at the 2017 National Final Qualifier event. Are […]

Perfecting your catwalk

For many young aspiring models, walking in a professional runway show is a dream come true. Although walking on the catwalk provides an incredible adrenalin rush (and is also really fun), a model's first catwalk show can be incredibly scary. To give you an idea of how to prepare for your first runway show and perfect your catwalk, we've compiled a list of hints and tips for to get you started. Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter […]

GUEST BLOGGER Eve Hess on finding your deep soul-level happiness

Not too long ago we welcomed the beautiful Eve into the CGM team. Eve has travelled all the way from Oregon USA. At the CGM Model Search and Confidence Campaign events, Eve is one of our amazing photographers. She is passionate and driven and has spent the past few years travelling the world on her journey to Australia. During her travels, Eve discovered the importance of true inner happiness and taking time each day to […]

The Gratitude List

Not too long ago I fell across an incredibly inspiring TED Talk by British Curve Model Iskra Lawrence (find it HERE). In it, she covers issues surrounding body image and self care. Being a plus size model, Iskra has faced many body image challenges of her own as she has been confronted by traditional beauty norms. Around half way through her speech, Iskra tells a story of an experience she had in a designer clothing […]

National Final Qualifiers – July wrap up with an introduction to winner Zariah Lamont

Last weekend CGM had the pleasure of hosting many beautiful girls from around Australia at our CGM Model Search July National Final Qualifiers. Words can't describe the pride we feel for each and every one of the girls who put themselves out there and gave this experience a go. Each of the contestants had the opportunity to learn new modelling and life skills from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry over the […]

How letting go of my insecurities and learning to take risks changed my life

When it came to writing this week's blog I was really trying to think of ways that I could help girls get over the fear of entering our Model Search and Confidence Campaign. All too often myself and the team at Country Girl Management hear stories of girls who would love to enter the event but just don't have the confidence, feel they don't 'look like a model', or are simply too terrified of putting […]

The importance of first impressions

There's much more to being a successful model than just having a pretty face. For models, it's incredibly important to be able to converse with a range of different people and make a positive impression in a very small amount of time. This is because as a model you need to be able to embody the 'personality' that the designer is looking to connect with through their designs. Oftentimes the difference between landing a job […]

Meet a Model: Rachel Wykes

In this Meet a Model, we would like to introduce Rachel Wykes. The beautiful Rachel won the 2015 Country Girl Management Model Search and Confidence Campaign in Dubbo and has since gone onto be signed with WINK Models and compete in Miss Universe. Photo: Daniel JH Seo 1. Had you ever done any modelling before entering the Country Girl Model Search? Before entering Country Girl, I had no previous experience with modelling but I had also […]
Born for More Fitness

GUEST BLOGGER Janessa McFee on harnessing the secret power of success in all that you do

Janessa McFee is a wonder woman. After waking up one day realising that she wasn't living to her true potential, she has since turned her life around and committed herself to empowering women that they were 'born for more'. Janessa is obviously incredibly beautiful. But, the most important thing I want you all to take away from her guest article is this: Despite the beauty that you and I might be able to see, Janessa […]

Fashion Week: 6 of the most Creative Runway Shows from 2016

Last week it was that time again: Australian Fashion Week. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is a chance for leading Australian and Asia Pacific designers to showcase their work in the iconic Sydney. Though Fashion Week is an incredibly exciting (and stressful) time for designers, it is also a time for models to really stand out and make a name for themselves. Surrounded by some of the biggest names in the fashion world, MBFW is an […]

Building your self confidence

1. Set goals 2. Fake it 'til you make it 3. Focus on the positives 4. Surround yourself with people who bring you up 5. Kill that inner bully 6. Exercise! 7. Admit and accept your own mistakes without letting them hold you back 8. Compliment and be complimented! 9. Spend time on your appearance 10. Take risks and don't be afraid of failure 11. Forgive yourself 12. Always upskill 13. Embrace a success mindset

Comp Cards: A Model’s Business Cards

A composite card (or a comp card) is a model's version of a business card. They are one of the best ways for a model to be remembered by an agency. They can be used not only at agency meet and greets but can also be given out at castings. It is best if you find a professional graphic designer and printing company to help you with this process; however, if you have experience in […]

Types of Modelling: 11 modelling opportunities and pathways that you may not have considered before

At Country Girl Management, we are constantly speaking to girls who believe that they are 'just not the right look' for the modelling industry. I would like to begin this post by saying that every single girl, no matter her look, has something to get out of the modelling/entertainment industry. Now, more than ever, brands are looking for variety in their models and this means that the pathways that are available for girls of all […]

Modelling and Social Media

Social media: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Have you ever been guilty of swearing online? How about posting inappropriate photos? Perhaps you put yourself or others down? As a mother modelling agency, we at Country Girl Management are exposed to many aspiring model's social media profiles. We have seen the whole spectrum of Facebook profile pictures and status updates, and while I run […]

Beating Your Inner Bully

"9 out of 10 girls limit their eating and risk their health when they don't feel good about their body." "85% of women opt out of important life activities if they don't feel good about the way they look." Statistics taken from the The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, 2016. For a long time, self confidence seemed a somewhat elusive and seemingly unobtainable personal quality to me. As a woman, it can be incredibly […]

Meet a Model: International Curve Model Elena Crnalic

Welcome to Country Girl Management's first 'Meet a Model' blog post. If you have ever dreamt of being a model or wanted an insight into the life of a professional model, these interviews may be perfect for you. The first model I would like to introduce is Elena Crnalic. Some of you may have been in contact with her as she has been an event coordinator and model scout with Country Girl Management for a […]

All About Digis

Having a portfolio with edited, professionally-shot photos is a must when entering the modelling industry. In addition to a portfolio, however, a model must also have a set of recent and unedited digital photos (AKA digis) that they can use to promote themselves. Whether you are getting ready to take your first set of digis or you are just needing to refresh your existing ones, have a read through the following points to make sure […]

Finding where you fit in the modelling industry

Over the last decade, the modelling industry has copped a lot of criticism and negative media surrounding beauty and sizing standards. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to hear stories of models who are going down the path of extreme weight loss in order to achieve a size that is not healthy for their body shape. As a mother modelling agent, we feel it is important that we address this problem as best we can and arm […]

How to build a Modelling Portfolio

First impressions are always important. However, in the modelling industry, first impressions are everything! So how do you make a killer first impression in the modelling industry? Two words: modelling portfolio. Your modelling portfolio acts as your modelling resume. It can determine whether you land a meet and greet, whether you are signed with an agency, and even whether you land a career-defining contract. With the following question and answers, I am going to give […]

9 ways to ensure you have a great day with Country Girl Management

So you've signed up for a Country Girl Model Search event. It's highly likely that you've never modelled before or have only had limited experience in the industry. For this reason you're probably feeling a bit nervous and are unsure of what to expect on the day of the event. This is all okay and completely normal. With the following 9 points, I hope to alleviate some of your nerves, provide you with some more […]

We are Country Girl Management

I believe it is only fitting to start the very first blog post for Country Girl Management with a success story. This is for a couple of reasons. Obviously, we want you to see the incredible opportunities that we can provide for the girls who we meet and mentor, but, in addition to this, we also want to show you that every girl that comes through our program was once a 'beginner'. At Country Girl […]