How letting go of my insecurities and learning to take risks changed my life

When it came to writing this week's blog I was really trying to think of ways that I could help girls get over the fear of entering our Model Search and Confidence Campaign. All too often myself and the team at Country Girl Management hear stories of girls who would love to enter the event but just don't have the confidence, feel they don't 'look like a model', or are simply too terrified of putting […]

The importance of first impressions

There's much more to being a successful model than just having a pretty face. For models, it's incredibly important to be able to converse with a range of different people and make a positive impression in a very small amount of time. This is because as a model you need to be able to embody the 'personality' that the designer is looking to connect with through their designs. Oftentimes the difference between landing a job […]

Meet a Model: Rachel Wykes

In this Meet a Model, we would like to introduce Rachel Wykes.¬†The beautiful Rachel won the 2015 Country Girl Management Model Search and Confidence Campaign in Dubbo and has since gone onto be signed with WINK Models and compete in Miss Universe. Photo: Daniel JH Seo 1. Had you ever done any modelling before entering the Country Girl Model Search? Before entering Country Girl, I had no previous experience with modelling but I had also […]