How to take a good photo: 5 insider tips

Taking a good photo can be really tough. For the luckiest amongst us, this skill comes naturally. However, I'm sure I am not alone when I say that taking a good photo DEFINITELY does not come naturally for me. For years, I just could not understand how it was possible to look at myself in the mirror (and be quite happy with the person looking back at me) and then 5 minutes later have a […]

Give a compliment – Change a life

Not too long ago, when the CGM team were spending time in Adelaide after an event, something happened that I believe is quite important to share. The team of us had just worked two events over the weekend and were spending Monday exploring the Barossa Valley. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful spot and our lovely waitress came over and introduced herself. After the waitress had finished explaining the menu to us, Sarah (our […]

GUEST BLOGGER Bec on facing graduation with strength and purpose

Rebecca is one of CGM's inspiring life coaches. If you've ever attended one of our events, you would have probably met her during the pose class. Her positive and passionate approach to life is infectious and she has changed numerous lives on the CGM international tour. This week we asked Bec to share an insight into one of life's most challenging times: leaving school. Enjoy! Bec (left) at the 2017 National Final Qualifier event. Are […]