Interview with September Finals winner Angel Bakhach

Our winner at the September National Qualifying Finals was 14 year old Angel Bakhach. Angelic by name, nature, and appearance, we first met Angel in Melbourne in June at our Templestowe Regional Final event. Check out our interview with her below: What is your favourite thing about modelling? There are many things I like about modelling including the opportunity to build my confidence and self esteem, explore my personality and express myself in a way […]

Self Training

Did you know that one of the best ways to improve as a model is to self train? You might be surprised to find that most models are actually self trained – meaning they are able to keep up with modern trends, constantly improve, and save heaps of money on deportment classes! Although it sounds simple, self training can actually be quite difficult. The reason for this is that in order to self train effectively […]

Love Your Body Week

This week, The Butterfly Foundation is promoting #LoveYourBodyWeek, where women around Australia are encouraged to take a moment to appreciate the things that they love about their body. In the world that we live in (and especially the modelling world), we are constantly bombarded with ways to make ourselves more beautiful – whether that be through weight loss, fitness trends, clean eating, clothing, or make up. This, combined with society's ideals of beauty and the […]

All about agency meet and greets

Before you get signed with a modelling agency, you must first meet with the agent in a meet and greet interview. This can be a little bit of a daunting experience (especially if you haven't been to one before); however, it is also incredibly exciting. If you are accepted at your agency meet and greet the next step is a contract and then you're on your way to building a career in modelling! So, what should you expect […]