Sizing Up Australian Clothing Sizes

What size are you? That question makes me cringe. Does it make you cringe too? As women we are constantly walking into shops expecting to be one size and finding out we are actually another. Why is this? Are we constantly getting bigger (and smaller) or are the clothes we are buying not based on a regulated industry standard? To answer these questions, I took a look into some of Australia's leading brands' sizing charts. […]

Guest Blogger JULIA on the steps to a flawless and fabulous face

This week, I would like to introduce you all to Country Girl Management's very own glamour queen Julia. For those of you that have already met Julia before at one of our model search events, I'm sure you'll agree with me that few can compare to her level of hair and make-up perfection. Previous to working with Country Girl, Julia worked as an Elizabeth Arden Makeup Artist and Skin Specialist, so it only made sense […]

Interview with September Finals runner up Kara Garraway-Charles

Our runner up at the September National Qualifying Finals was 17-year-old Kara Garraway-Charles. Representing her hometown of Hamilton, New Zealand, the Country Girl Management team were so proud to see Kara shine on the catwalk and couldn't help get an interview with her. Enjoy! 1. What is your favourite thing about modelling? My favourite thing about modelling is being able to express myself and improve my self confidence through doing something which I love. 2. […]