Interview with September Finals winner Angel Bakhach

Our winner at the September National Qualifying Finals was 14 year old Angel Bakhach. Angelic by name, nature, and appearance, we first met Angel in Melbourne in June at our Templestowe Regional Final event. Check out our interview with her below:

What is your favourite thing about modelling?
There are many things I like about modelling including the opportunity to build my confidence and self esteem, explore my personality and express myself in a way that I wouldn't in my everyday life. But my favourite thing about modelling is meeting new people, discovering different personalities and working with creative people in the industry.

Where is your home town and what do you like most about your home town?
My home town is Melbourne - one of the fashion capitals of Australia. I grew up in Vermont, a suburb in Melbourne, where I have created so many special memories with family and friends. There is no place like home and it will always be there.

Why did you enter CGM Model Search?
I've always been interested in modelling and the opportunity to enter CGM Model Search came at the right time. The question I had was where do I start? I talked to my friends about this and one of them who had been scouted by CGM told me all about it. I was very excited for her and was looking forward to supporting her all the way. A few days later, my friend told me that she wasn't able to progress with this CGM opportunity at this time so I started to research CGM and knew I had to join and give it a go. I am very grateful to my friend for this rare opportunity and will be her biggest supporter when she enters CGM Model Search in the future.

What was your favourite part of the CGM Model Search?
My favourite part of the CGM Model Search was finding out what the company stood for. The core objective of CGM is to promote self confidence which isn't taught at school. I love that the great team at CGM Model Search are so passionate about building confidence in young girls and teaching them how to love themselves physically and for who they are as a person.

What is your dream job as a model?
My dream is to become a successful international model and reach for the stars doing it. But that is just a dream at the moment. I think it's always important to have a goal, but always be open to learning along the way. As I've just started my modelling journey, I have many things to learn. All I know is that I am very dedicated, determined and will work very hard to achieve what I can. I also need to understand what type of model I am. Although I am very interested in runway modelling, there are other fantastic modelling types including fitness, swimsuit, glamour and fashion.

How has CGM changed your life?
CGM has changed my life in so many ways. It has given me so much more confidence to believe in myself and reach for my dreams. I feel I now have a passion in life that has become real and I am so excited about what the future holds. I now have the confidence to put myself out there and give it a go. Having purpose and enjoying something that I love is such a great feeling. Although I've just started on this journey and have a lot more to learn along the way, I hope I can give back one day and help other young girls find their dream.

Why do you think confidence is important?
Confidence is all about believing in yourself. Having confidence gives you the platform to be who you want to be, helps you engage with people, attracts success, oozes positive energy and makes you feel happy on the inside and out. It also helps to achieve your dreams, conquer your fears and put yourself out there, not just for others, but for yourself. I believe that confidence is one of the most important characteristics a model needs to own.

What's your life motto?
My life motto is that, "If you aren't the nicest and most hard working girl there, there is always going to be someone prettier, nicer, and more hard working."

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