Five Simple Tips for a Healthier Body and Happier Head

Hi! My name is Jim. I have been working and learning about food and health for over eight years and have written this guide to help you form a healthy relationship with your diet, body and mind.

1. Accept you for you #CGMSelf-love

Before reading further I want you to know that you are an amazing strong person. Life is hard, and we have all gone through a lot. You deserve to be happy and to do that you need to let go of your insecurities and be happy with the person you are in the body you have. That is the essence of what this blog is about, learning to respect and love your body by focusing on health before image and understanding that happiness is not about what you look like but how you feel.

2. Be active

Get moving! Sounds easy right? Well often it’s not. Life can get crazy with school, work, uni, family and friends taking up nearly all of our time! However, it’s so important to set aside time to look after yourself. Why? Physical activity can reduce the risk of nearly all chronic disease, help increase energy levels, improve mental focus and manage body weight. Personally, I found that exercise has drastically improved my self-confidence by changing the way I look at and feel about my body and if that’s still not enough it’s a really great way to make new friends! I have met a lot of my best friends though my sport groups. So, find something that looks like fun, gets you moving and just have a go! What’s there to lose?

3. Eat Plenty fruit and vegetables be a 3%er!

Currently only 3% of Australians aged 18-35 are eating enough fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables can help with weight control, keep you full and may even give your skin a healthy glow! Did you know that people who eat lots of fruit and vegetables are generally healthier than those who don’t regardless of the rest of their diet? What does that mean? It is more important that you eat your fruit and veges than it is that you don’t eat cake, chocolate and other goodies! Women 11+ years old should be consuming five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit every day: that’s a lot! To make being a 3%er easier, tastier and a little more fun, add more veges to your favourite foods, snack on fruit and learn how to cook and eat veges and fruits you haven’t ever tried!3. 

4. Ditch the guilt

One of the worst things you can do is feel bad for eating “naughty” foods. Who cares if you had a piece of cake - if you like cake, eat cake. Your diet should never negatively impact your happiness or social life. The goal here is to have a healthy relationship with food. That means you eat healthy foods most of the time and balance the good with the bad. Eating should be pleasurable and should make you feel happy! If you believe you have an unhealthy relationship with food that makes you feel guiltily or anxious please speak to a qualified dietitian ASAP so you can fall in love with eating again!

5. Keep it simple

This may sound odd coming from a dietitian student but here it is: diets don’t often work and nor are they often healthy. Please don’t starve yourself, cut out major food groups or only eat “clean foods”. Seriously, keep it simple. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, get regular fun exercise, eat foods that that you enjoy, love and respect your body and live to be happy.

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