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What inspires you? The word 'inspire', when it’s translated into Latin, means ‘to breath into’, so I guess the question here is what breathes life into you? What gives you that longing to just do something, to defy odds and words that may have been spoken over your world, to stand up and say, “This is what I want to do with my life”.

Many people pair inspiration with unparalleled success. Often, we see where people have climbed to and that can ‘inspire’ us as it creates in us a feeling to do something so outrageous that it propels us into the capitalised light of success and popularity. A face that is seen and the person behind it famous, that is what we believe inspired success to look like, and if we don’t feel as successful as the person beside us… We are often left wondering were we even inspired at all?

When I think of ‘inspired’ I think of passion, a feeling so strong you have no choice but to act upon it. When I think of passion my mind can’t help but wander to a woman by the name of Rosa Parks! so fearless in her own passions that it allowed her to be remembered for the rest of history. “who is she?”, well I’m about to tell you:

Born Rosa Louise McCauley in 1913 as the daughter of a teacher and a carpenter, she wasn’t unlike any other middle class American child… aside from one simple fact, she was coloured. Growing up in the society we do today, it’s hard to imagine a life where you had to walk to school while watching the white children ride the bus day in and day out. It was a world where she couldn’t eat at the same places as a white child, play in the same places as a white child and got picked on because of her beautiful, ebony coloured skin. Rosa grew up knowing nothing besides this and while many didn’t have the courage to say or do anything, she slowly began to think differently and as a product… found her passion. Tired of being ostracised and beaten down, she was inspired to take a stand despite what she knew it could cost her. Riding a town bus in Montgomery one day, she was asked to give up her seat and stand so a white man could take her place, a place near the back of the bus originally reserved for coloured folks unless the bus was full and in which case they were ordered to stand. Full of passion and pure determination, she stayed where she sat and didn’t move. when asked again and again she still refused to give up her seat on that bus… little did she know that this one simple action, rooted in passion, would catapult her into the country's eye and have her named “the mother of the freedom movement”. While she was thrust in the limelight, it wasn’t the kind most of us would hope for. Ridiculed and mocked, threatened and despised by many, she lost her job and suffered because of an action she took that was an outcome of inspired passion. In saying this, to the people treated the same she became an icon and sensation. She became a pillar of hope and while it didn’t give her billions of dollars, it gave others the freedom to start acting upon what they felt inspired to do.

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I tell you this story to convey this: She acted because she had to, it couldn't be helped. She didn’t plan it or orchestrate her actions but by passion Rosa was inspired to do exactly what she ended up doing. To be inspired doesn’t necessarily mean you will be successful in huge monetary value. It doesn’t mean you all have to do something dramatically vast and have it all planned out to replicate the life of another you see. Inspiration is individual and when paired with passion becomes unique to each and every one of us, appearing in the smallest of actions as well as the biggest. Some girls are inspired to get up in the morning and run, some are inspired to sacrifice their own time to care for those that cannot, and some are inspired to dance, sing or model. I would never say that wanting to do great things is bad, I only say that if seeing someone else’s world and craving their existence becomes your only inspiration, there is the danger of missing out on what you are TRULY inspired to go after.

At some point I know we will all look at a person’s life, see their success and dream about what it would be like to do exactly what they are doing. I will be the first to admit that I can often see a woman living the most adventurous and beautiful life on Instagram and think to myself "If only I could be doing that...If only my life would play out like that." We are all at fault with that, not a single one of us can be excused to the fact that comparison will overshadow the individual passions placed inside each one of our hearts. Passions just waiting to be set alight for the very first time or maybe again. The truth of the matter is... passion can never be duplicated. If what we are telling others is our passion doesn't get us out of bed in the morning, or give us an urgency to act upon what we feel then it most likely is not our passion at all. Passion can never be anything but genuine, it’ll put that twinkle in your eye and tell others exactly how you feel, it will be all your own and cannot be reproduced by another.


So I ask again: what truly inspires you?

Taking away that comparison to someone else's life, taking away the want to be sitting in someone else’s seat and living their dream… what inspires you?

If I was to re-phrase that question, "What gives you passion?" What is that one thing that keeps you up at night because all you can think about is how you can change the world with it? The one thing that stirs you up when you start to talk about it? The one thing you can't imagine ever going without out? Close your eyes and imagine - How could that change your answer?

There is no need for you to try and replicate someone else’s life because you were created to live the most inspired, the most beautiful and most passionate life. You are you and no one can ever take that away. A fact about being you is that you will come with inspirations all your own, inspirations specific and crafted to just you.

Every gift and ability given to you, woven in perfect harmony together and beyond human capacity to understand, will all play a part in your passion.

For as long as I can remember I have loved writing and I have loved watching the journey of a young girl as she discovers her path and purpose. To watch her aspirations unfold as she begins to understand who she was created to be is reward in and of itself. Passion creates its own rewards. I can never see these passions bringing me large amounts of money or putting me on the front cover of a magazine, but I can’t help loving every minute I spend writing words on paper for girls like you to read and be encouraged by. My advice to you would be this: run after whatever it is that pushes you to act. It doesn’t matter what everyone else around you is doing, it doesn’t matter what they say. Use your inspirations to carry you through, because having a reason behind your actions is so much more fulfilling then lifelessly carrying out someone else’s dream. Take the time to discover what your passions are, trial and error can feel discouraging but it’s a proven theory. You will never know unless you try. To act upon passion takes courage and courage take strength but trust me when I say you have both strength and courage built into you, so allow yourself the freedom to chase that passion and never compare it to anyone else’s because it is and always will be truly yours.

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