Guest Blogger JULIA on the steps to a flawless and fabulous face

This week, I would like to introduce you all to Country Girl Management's very own glamour queen Julia. For those of you that have already met Julia before at one of our model search events, I'm sure you'll agree with me that few can compare to her level of hair and make-up perfection. Previous to working with Country Girl, Julia worked as an Elizabeth Arden Makeup Artist and Skin Specialist, so it only made sense to get her to share some insider tips on perfecting your own make up – especially if it doesn't come naturally to you (like most of us). Enjoy!

The queen of glamour herself

1. Back to Basics.
A Flawless face starts with a flawless base. Make sure to prime your skin before you put on any foundation! Applying a non-greasy, light moisturizer to freshly cleansed skin will do the trick and ensure your foundation glides on smoothly and doesn’t move throughout the day.

2. Concealer is your best friend.
A lot of girls I speak to still seem to think concealer is still only used to cover up annoying blemishes! This is somewhat true; however, it can do so much more! Once you have applied your foundation, use your concealer to highlight and brighten your face. It's also a good idea to apply it strategically under your eyes to give the appearance of an 'awake' look (even if you just rolled out of bed 😉). Make sure to use a concealer a couple of shades lighter than your foundation. This will also help you avoid you face having only one flat colour of foundation with no dimension.

3. Get cheeky with your cheek bones.
Always accentuate your cheeks whether that’s with a light dust of bronzer 1-2 shades darker than your foundation or a little bit of blush. The rule of thumb with these two is not to apply the two on top of each other otherwise you may end up with purple cheeks! Always keep blush on the apples of your cheeks, doing a big teethy smile always helps when applying. With bronzer, imagine your actual cheek bone is a line and you run the brush slighting above and along this line sweeping up into your hairline.

4. Maintain the Brow
Now I don’t want to be dramatic but a brow can make or break a fab face no matter how good your contouring skills are. Make sure to keep your brows groomed and try not to over pluck if you do maintain them at home. Everyone's facial structure is different so I would suggest seeing a trusted brow artist to get your eyebrows shaped for your face and learn what suits you best! From there a simple brow powder or pencil can help accentuate those brows even more.

Look at those eyebrows!

4. Glow Girl!
Now this is my favourite! Highlighter has only seemed to become popular very recently but I LOVE it! Finding the perfect highlighter for you is personal choice and completely dependant on how much glow you would like to go. Personally I want to shine so bright you need sunglasses to look at me, but that’s just me. I find powdered highlighter sits best after I've applied and set my foundation and powder. Cream highlighter can smudge your already flawless base if not applied correctly. The key to application when it comes to highlighter is that a little goes a LONG way! Dust your highlighter on the top of your cheeks, above your bronzer and just under your eyes up into your hairline and along your brow bone under your eye brows– Just where the sun might hit on a hot summers day.

5. Lip Talk
Like your skin, make sure to prime and look after your lips which tend to be the first sign of dehydration. You can exfoliate your lips and give them a little mini spa treatment by brushing over them with your toothbrush and bit of water. Once you have your lips feeling as good as new make sure to apply lip liner before lipstick, not only does this help your lipstick stay on for longer but it stops your lip stick 'bleeding' by moving out of the lines of your lips.

6. A flawless and fabulous face starts from within
To glow on the outside it starts on the inside! Make sure to stay hydrated and ensure you are drinking enough water. I like to carry a 1.5L bottle with me every where I go which reminds me to drink water. Try adding Lemon or cucumber to your water for taste. Hydrated skin from the inside out will make your lips and cheeks plump and the whites in your eyes glow which will only enhance the makeup you are wearing.

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