Interview with September Finals runner up Kara Garraway-Charles

Our runner up at the September National Qualifying Finals was 17-year-old Kara Garraway-Charles. Representing her hometown of Hamilton, New Zealand, the Country Girl Management team were so proud to see Kara shine on the catwalk and couldn't help get an interview with her. Enjoy!

1. What is your favourite thing about modelling?
My favourite thing about modelling is being able to express myself and improve my self confidence through doing something which I love.

2. Where is your home town and what do you like most about your home town?
Hamilton, New Zealand. I love the tight knit feeling of the city and everyone who is here. I also love all the public gardens and beautiful walks around the town.

3. Why did you enter the CGM Model Search?
I have wanted to do Modelling my whole entire life so CGM was the chance to chase my dream.

4. What was your favourite part of the CGM Model Search?
My favourite part about the CGM model search was the confidence and self love parts. These seminars and talks that were given really inspired me to get rid of my inner bully and try to love myself in every way.

5. How has Country Girl Management changed your life?
Country Girl Management has made me feel confident and believe more in myself.

6. Why do you think confidence is important?
Confidence affects every aspect of life from work, study and even your social life. Having confidence will bring good things into your life and it is also key when learning to love yourself and who you are.

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